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Healthy vs Unhealthy Emotional Dependence

  • We, as social beings, tend to rely on each other for our survival. Every healthy relationship includes some amount of dependency and mutual give and take, a.k.a Interdependency.

  • The dependence becomes unhealthy when one person does most of the giving as they believe that they need another person to survive, be happy or to feel complete.

  • In an interdependent relation, both partners respect each others boundaries and each individual gets space to learn, grow and have a sense of individuality.

  • There is a sense os safety and security and both people get to experience their emotions fully without the fear of conflict.

  • In an unhealthy emotional dependence, there is often fear of rejection or being left which makes it difficult to experience and express emotions honestly.

  • The rush to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling and to feel safe makes it difficult to focus on ones own needs.

  • There is often difficulty in maintaining boundaries and being one's authentic self which could lead to feelings of suffocation and increased conflicts.

Having understood the difference between Healthy and Unhealthy Emotional dependence, it is important to remember that Dependency may not always be bad.

Understanding the difference can help you evaluate your relationship and take necessary steps to build a strong bond.

If there are concerns in the relationship, communicate it with your partner or reach out to a professional.

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