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Boundaries in romantic relationship- Why and How!

What are boundaries

Boundaries, as the word suggests, are certain limits which shows where one thing ends and other begins. In relationships, boundaries help both partners to understand what thing or behaviours would be acceptable. Personal boundaries are important help your partner to understand how you wish to be treated and helps in building a healthy relationship.

Important boundaries needed

  • Boundaries in social relations

  • Boundaries in conflict resolution

  • Ways of communication

  • Responsibility of emotions

  • Social Media boundaries

  • Boundaries in sexual relation

  • Doing things for each other

  • Responsibility in the relationship

Warning signs of unhealthy boundaries

  • Experiencing a lot of guilt and anxiousness

  • Often being blamed for partner's difficult emotions

  • Feeling like a victim

  • Feeling disrespected and under appreciated

  • Feeling fearful of hurting others emotions

  • Difficulty in sharing honest opinion

  • Unable to speak up when treated badly

  • Constantly making sacrifice at your own expense

  • Feeling exhausted and compelled to do things

How to set boundaries

  • Know what behaviours are acceptable to you

  • Know your needs for personal space & growth

  • Know what makes you un/comfortable

  • Choose how much private information you want to share

  • Take responsibility of your feelings and actions

  • Communicate your boundaries assertively, clearly and confidently

  • Talk about it in the situation when required

  • Decide and follow on consequences when boundaries are violated

  • Ask your partner about their boundaries

How to respect other's boundaries

  • Be aware of your thoughts and emotions

  • Avoid blaming or calling names

  • Take responsibility of your emotional experiences

  • Respect their feelings when they share about it

  • Communicate assertively

  • Remember, everyone has different boundaries

P.S. If you hesitate or fear talking about your boundaries and preferences with your partner, take the blame on yourself because you fear they will react with anger or violence, that's a red flag and you must evaluate how healthy is the relationship.

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