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The Other side of the coin

We in our day to day life see an event or a situation with a particular angle which belongs to us as an individual to a great extent. This inference is often painted with colors of our life experiences, values that we gain while growing up, our current state of mind, the assumptions we bring into a situation, and a whole lot of other things. It is the way we look at the world. What we often fail to recognize is that this perspective of ours is 'our reality' and not 'the reality' in true sense.

The question is 'how and to what extent does it matter?'. Well, This difference between the 'perceived reality' and 'the reality' is the core reason of conflicts and bitterness in the relationships most of the times. We fail to see the other's perspective in the same way the other person fails to see ours, creating the differences and conflicts.

Getting over it requires few important steps or the ways. First, is taking the perspective of others by assuming yourself to be on the other side and then analyzing the situation. Second, Communication with others in seeking their perspective of the situation to analyze it in a better way. Third, making out the best use of the first two steps and coordinating with all the information to understand the impact in various ways.

Believe me, there's always a sigh of relief and a ray of hope in looking at the other side of the coin!

Dr. Akshay Chordia

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