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Right or Wrong?

The essential nature of the nature as of I understand is asymmetry. The indefinite shapes of nature makes it beautiful and keeps the scope and excitement of new experience every time. Why is there no shape of water? Why is that air has no shape? Why the trees, the fire, the ice, the rocks are not shaped following a particular rule. And even though it is so, we do not judge them as being shaped right or wrong. They are the way they are and yet admired and explored. Then why is the whole human nature being targeted for being perfect?

Perfection in the way one speaks, perfection in the way one walks, perfection in what one dresses and perfection in how one looks! Why is that imperfections are being judged by us? Why do we have to shape our behavior the way others want us to behave and still be in a constant fear of being judged each moment? This whole process is taking our individuality away from us. What is so exciting about being part of the crowd?!  Let us create an environment where we can express ourselves and grow in the best possible way without the fear of being judged. Let us take a ride away from the circle of right and wrong!!

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Dhruv Parmar
Dhruv Parmar
Sep 28, 2020

Very well said Dr. of the wisest person i have known

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