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Corporatization of Schools and it's effect on children

Once again a new school

This time a big one they said

It would be nice and beautiful

So a big fat fees they paid

I went in a rickshaw

They all came in big cars

I felt so dull

Between all shiny stars

It was so difficult to read and write

But my teachers didnt pay attention

Because they thought it was all right

I wanted to fly

But i could not

Because i was trapped in a cage

And going out? They would let me not..

I looked here and there

There was no hand to hold

Amidst so many of us

I still felt so alone

I went back home 

Saw mum and dad smiling

How could i tell them that it didnt feel right

When It was for me that everything they sacrificed

I secretly heard them talking

That our savings were getting over

I felt so sad and helpless

But i was just a child...

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