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Comparison- Good or Bad ?

Even though the growth of humans as a specie has been pretty satisfactory but the core growth lies in the growth as an individual. We grow up as a child being compared to siblings and to other kids, as a student being compared to other batch mates, as an employee being compared to other employees and our relationships being compared to other of the same kind. What is unacceptable in this process is that we do not get insight into what we stand for as an individual. Our limitations, our capabilities and our circumstances are undoubtedly different from each other. Many may claim that competence makes you progress in life but the question that remains there is, is this the best way to grow?

Unfortunately we are all into a competition, a competition no one has sensed ever. Everyone here wants to be ahead of other without knowing where they stand at the moment and where this way would lead them to. A competition to prove themselves to the one who himself is busy proving  to someone else. This all seems to be a trap. A trap woven of jealousy and misery. Why does comparison lead us in life and why not introspection. Do we wish to grow with jealousy and misery or with compassion and bliss?

Let us try to grow and learn through introspection and not through comparison!

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